Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arroz Amarillo con chancho, camote y papa (Yellow rice with pork, sweet potato and potato)

I know rice with sweet potato and potato?? It did sound weird for me when I first tried it. But the taste is way different than how it sound. The sweet potato makes the rice a bit sweet but at the same time the pork makes it a really rich flavor. It's really good... Here's the recipe:

2 cup of rice (I used Thai Jasmine rice, of course that's my favorite but normally you need to use long grain rice)
1/4 cup of peas
1/4 cup of carrots
4 strips of red bell pepper (approx 1/4 of the whole size)
4 strips of green bell pepper (approx 1/4 of the whole size)
1 long Screwpine leaf (optional, I used this for the aroma)
1/4 cup of white whine
1/2 cup of chicken broth
1 tablespoon of tumaric powder
1 tablespoon of garlic
2 tablespoons of small dice red onion
1 teaspoon of papprika
1 cube of pork bouillon
a pinch of cumin
salt + black pepper to taste

1 medium size sweet potato
1 medium size of potato

cilantro for topping or garnish (optional)

3/4 lb of pork belly
3/4 lb of pork's neck
 Marinated w/ salt + pepper for 15mins
Then add 1 tablespoon of veg oil and fry each sides approx 7mins, then take it out from the pot.
Turn the heat low and with the same pot add onions and pork bouillon cube. Few second later add garlic (so that it doesn't burn). When the onions the onion and garlic are browning, immediately add white wine and put the heat high. With a wooden spoon get all the brown bits under the pot ( that's where the goods stuff). Then add chicken broth. Then add Turmeric powder, cumin, salt, pepper and paprika. Let it shimmer. The liquid should reduce to half. Then add the rice. Add 2 cups of water and a screwpine leaf. Stir for a minute, then add pork. Stir again, then add peas, carrot and bell peppers. Cover it then when the water has reduced, time for steaming then add sweet potato & potato. Reduce the heat to very low. Keep the pot's lid close all time. Open only when you want to check. Let the rice and all potatoes cook.

We like to eat this with salsa criolla.
Here's my version:
1 small Red onion thinly sliced
5 bird eye's chili
a handful of cilantro
2 lemon

1 tablespoon of used oil
salt + pepper to taste


Marinate w/ salt + pepper

Let it fry


Time to turn to the other side

Take them out and put them aside

Use the same pot + oil add the onions

Add wine

Time to add the wine

Water has evaporate

Time to add all the potatoes

Check if the rice + potatoes are cook

Salsa Criolla

Ready to serve
Happy Cooking :)

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