Thursday, November 3, 2011

Salchipapa (Potato w/ hotdog & egg)

Well... my husband and I were watching a famous international chef, his name is Gaston Acurio. He made Salchipapa and interestingly he added fried eggs. Normally when we eat Salchipapa it only comes with potato, sausages and/or hotdog. In Peru, you can find Salchipapa on a street vendor. It's so popular there but we have never seen anyone prepares it with an egg. So my hubbie asked me if I can make some that night...hahahaha... it looked soo darn good though. We were salivating while watching Chef Gaston Acurio preparing the food....yummiee. You can find the movie here:

So, after I finished watching, I went to my kitchen and start experimenting. Here's what you need to make this simple dish.
1 large potato
2 hot dogs
1 egg
vegetable oil
First fry the potato and add salt, fry the hot dogs and the egg (sunnyside up).
Break the egg apart.

Mayo (we like to use Peruvian Alacena's so good. We normally buy a lot from Peru or sometimes my hubbie's relatives bring some)

Garnish it with Oregano


  1. masih bisa baca tulisan indonesia mbak?
    hehehe nggak bisa bayangkan makan Salchipapa
    salam kenal aja deh, saya dari indonesia mbak salam kenal


  2. hallo kembali... saya masih bisa bahasa indonesia. Gampang kok masak salchipapa. Ikutin aja resepnya. Praktis...salam kenal juga ya...

  3. My wife is from Peru and the very first time she made this for me it had eggs on it. I prefer mine over easy and although I was sceptical it was wonderful. I love this dish. We just saw a news video from Peru where theere is a food truck called Guilligan and they have salchipappas for only 7 soles. Hopefully we will be going in the summer adn I will be looking for this truck!