Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ceviche Mixto Peruano

This dish is normally eaten on a Sunday brunch during my visit in Peru. Every Saturday night we gathered all our families and play poker or chit chat. We love to drink beer and stay up all night. Most of the time we ended up getting drunk. So this is the food they prepared for us to eat. They said that this is a great dish to get sober from drinking all night long. It's a refreshing meal and you should give it a try to cook at home:

1lb Fresh Fillet Corvina fish preferably (get rid of the skin) however you can you any of your favorite white meat fish. Octopus, Clams, Scallops or any kind of seafood.
If you don't like any Seafood or it's unavailable then skip it.
Soak the seafood & fish with lemon Juice let it sit for 15mins

While they are soaking prepare:
1 medium Red Onion - slice thinly
1/2 teaspoon of Garlic paste
a bunch of cilantro
Aji Amarillo chop thinly seedless (otherwise use red Serrano or other mild pepper)
spicy paste (optional) you can use any chili pepper and blended
salt + pepper
1 pinch of Ajinomoto

Serve with
1 Boiled Sweet potato peel the skin and slice 1 inch thick.

1 handful of toasted Cancha Serrana (They are pretty hard to find here in US, but try to go to a Latin Supermarket and go to the Peruvian section.)
2 boiled Large Peruvian White Corns (if you can't find it, replace with regular corn)
a bunch of Seaweeds


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